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  1. Inspection process: Make the spec sheet according to the approved samples. Go to factory to inspect goods before packing, conduct random product inspection after final packaging in place. Find out the approved samples and spec sheet for inspecting. Have clear standards and provide inspetion reports.
  2. QC issue handling: Has the clrear procedure and followed records. Firstly ask customer to provide samples with quality issue to check the reason. Then confirm which step is the problem; determine the alternatives and solutions, whether it is necessary to rush a portion of goods to air to customer soon, or pay the labor cost for customer to select, etc.
  3. Traced record: Have the procedures to trace raw material, main materials, production date, PO numbers, production samples record.
  4. Preventive action: Provide spec sheet and product requirements to the production deparment; inspection of the entire process, before packaging and after packaging; random inspection after the goods arrive in warehouse.

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