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New Product Line of special webbing

Starting in March 2020, a ne product line of special webbing has been added.

Which contains: heavy duty webbing ,camoflage army wbebing, print woven ribbon for pet, reflective webbing, UHMWPE UV resistance webbing, TPU coated waterproof webbing, PVC rubber coated webbing, anti-theft steel wire webbing, high temperature resistance Kevlar webbing, Jacquard webbing, rubberzied non slip webbing, snap tap fastener, eyelets tape, DIY embroidery lace, and etc.

Heavy duty webbing: Nylon Heavy Duty webbing/ polyester Heavy duty webbing/ polypropylene Heavy Duty weebing. Use for hammocks, outdoor climbing and making luggage strap, pet collar, backpack, safety strap, tie down strap, etc.

Reflective webbing: webbing with silver grade PES silver grade reflective heat transfer film. Reflectivity 450cd/ (x.m2), can bu customized. EN20471 Class Ⅱ standard, ANSI/ISEA 107-2015, Oeko Tex 100 Certified. The wash ability is based on ISO6330 standard more than 50 cycle at 60 ℃. The reflective webbing use for safety production cloth with based such as nylon, woven, cotton and pvc, etc.

UHMWPE UV resistance webbing: If you want webbing that’s lighter, tougher and stronger, this is it. UHMWPE material can reaches 1500-3000 hours UV resistance. It is a new material used for speical webbing line. Most commonly used for suspension systems when it coms to hanging your hammock.

Waterproof webbing: It is great used for making dog collars, leashes, harnesses, belts, athletic straps and etc. TPU-coated polyester webbing is strong, but flexible and has a glossy finish. The benefits of TPU-coated webbing is waterproof.

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