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1.1 Welfare Benefits
Item Content Observations/Comments
1 Does the company have effective   procedures to verify the age of staff at the time of recruitment? THas written procedure and keeps adequate age documents of   workers

□Has written procedure but   doesn’t follow records

□Hasn’t written procedure of   follows records

2 Do all workers sign employment   contracts with the factory? □All workers sign employment   contracts

□Some workers sign employment   contracts

□Only management staff sign   employment contracts

TNo staff sign employment contracts

3 Is statutory contribution   required for all employees’ social insurance(e.g. health   insurance, unemployment insurance, accident insurance etc.) paid for by the   enterprise? TAll workers have social insurance

□Some workers have social   insurance

□Only management staff have   social insurance

□No staff have social insurance

4 Does the company have a clear and   effective policy on working hours,rest and vacations? If does, please list it. TAll staffs work kept to the policy

□Most of the time it keeps to the   policy except midseason

□Usually needs overtime

□No relevant records for working   hours Describe the working hours:8:30-12:00,13:30-17:30

5 Does the company pay extra   remunerations for all overtime work? TFor all overtime work

□For official holidays

□For official holidays except   weekend

□For extra remunerations for   overtime

6 Does the company have dormitories   for staff? If yes, please describe the condition. □Provide dormitories for all   staff

□Provide dormitories for workers

□Provide dormitories for   management staff

TNo dormitories were provided

1.2 Labor Protection
Item Content Observations/Comments
1 Are there uniforms for all staff   in company? □Yes



2 Is the emergency medical supplies   enough and easily used in workshop? □Yes



This is a trading company without   workshop.

3 Does the company arrange health   and safety training for new workers? □Yes



This is a trading company without   workshop.

4 Does the workers have the   appropriate protective equipment during operation in workshop? Such as   gloves, masks. □Yes



This is a trading company without   workshop.

5 Is there training needed and   carried out for fire protection? □Yes



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