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1. Recyclable. 2. Waterproof. 3. Multi-color optional.

4. Easy to use. 5. Durable.


  • Product color: Yellow. Black. Blue. Pink. Grey. Red color.
  • The oval hole is black.
  • Product packaging: OPP transparent plastic bag
  • Product fabric: nylon suede
  • Product weight: about 180g (single strip)


· Item Name: Sports heart rate chest strap heartbeat monitor meter accessory

·Material: Nylon

·Size: Customized the length and width you want it.

·Function: Use For Heart Rate Detect

·Product Dimensions: 22*370, 25*290, 29*260, 25*200, 26*370mm and so on customize.

Constant monitoring, support for most bluetooth watches, waterproof and sweatproof can be wearing 24 hours.

Instructions for use:


Woven Webbing

COMPANY : Xiamen Forest Trading CO., LTD.
ADDRESS : 4F-B,Rihua Plaza,No. 8 Xinfeng 2nd Rd.,Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Zone,Xiamen,Fujian,China
PHONE : +86-592-5800138
FAX : +86-592-5800365

Service Area:

Webbing in nylon, polyester and polypropylene.

Webbing hardware suppliers including buckles in plastic, metal and others.

Web straps and sail ties custom made in China.

Forest-Global offers prompt service no matter what size you have.

Core Elements:

Whether you need a bag attachment strap, safety tie-downs for cargo or colorful nylon webbing for pet products, we’ve got you covered at Forest-Global. A massive selection to meet your requirements:

1.variou strapping types

2.webbing materials

3.custom sizes

4.pantone colors

5.diversified metal and plastic accessories to choose

Forest-Global committed to providing high-quality products while still make it fun to customize what you order. When it’s so easy to get strap that fits both practical purposes and your stylistic preferences, you’ll never shop for strapping or webbing anywhere else.

webbing/cord weaving machine
webbing/cord weaving machine

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